Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wind, sails and glue.

It's crisp and bright here in Santa Barbara and my domecile is filled with cardboard boxes, dog toys and a harmonium. My cold has worn off and I feel like thanking everyone who came to Roy on thursday night for a really special evening. We had old circles of friends from our time in Santa Barbara come through and fuse together into what feels now like one big circle. A family. A village.
In the same day that Anni and I got immunized for Yellow fever (and were forced to watch a ridiculous video abut the DANGERS of traveling to FOREIGN countries inhabited by real-live FOREIGNERS with DISEASES) we raised enough money to begin working in Kenya. Yes. Thank you friends. You did it. Now it's up to us to ensure that your good will finds the people who need it.
The mercury level on a help-o-meter is off to a healthy start, currently standing at about 3 month's worth of home-stay cost. We're shooting for 6. So, if the maddening Christmas hustle is leaving you high and dry, then hit the donate button for our cause, and enjoy the immediate, warm-fudge-like sensation of giving. It's addictive, though. Be careful.

A few highlights from the evening were 1. Anni's whispering into the microphone of "thank you" to the band, 2. the gold buttons on my vest, 3. Poopy's modesty, used to conceal an unbelievable gift, 4. DJ Erik Lohr's drop of Smooth Operator which triggered a quintessential white-style boogie-fest, and 5. the m-f'ing Crymuscles of San Francisco who played a marathon of funk over 2+ hours, BEFORE being joined by the bottle-rocket singer from Mali known as Ali Baba, who brought to us, at Roy, a glimpse of the heart and soul of Africa.

We leave for Flagstaff in the morning, the new home of my blue-eyed wolf, Hudson- known to friends as Barf.
It's to he and I, that I dedicate this next musical posting.

Bo Diddley- I'm A Man.

The Indestructible Beat also acquired a video camera today. Video postings soon to follow.

With so much love for everyone who has supported us so far, the Sigs, Mr. Pritz, Uppal, Chau, Palermo, JT, you guys are heroes.

Our good friend and NY-based choreographer, Andrew Palermo of Dre.Dance also has a wonderful cause to benefit autism that you can check out here.

I love creative people.

Now I must pack.

As our buddy Seth-In-Bolivia once said:

"Intrepidly yours",
Austin and Anni.

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