Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SLUMCHELLA & The $3 Dollar Holler

This is it folks- by far the most audacious and important thing we have ever attempted. Downhill, no brakes, toothpick between the teeth, into the sunset we go. Sirens behind, but in the smokey distance, someone you love very much is calling your name.
We don't get that feeling every day. But it's right here if you want it.

The purpose of the event is to give a voice to the indigenous tribes of northern Kenya who face mass displacement by the GIBE 3 hydroelectric dam, currently under construction, that will destroy the downstream river and lake ecosystem and cut the lifeline of 1 million indigenous people, sending them into refugee camps or one of Kenyas massive slums in search of a new way to survive.

SLUMCHELLA will awaken the sleeping giant- a collective beast of immeasurable potential, which includes you, me, Kenya, everyone. We are going put this issue on a world-stage through a celebration of indigenous culture. Music, film and dance. In short, Slumchella is a get-down to stop whats going down.



The Finest Hour

The Finest Hour of 2011 Village Beat by Village Beat

This is our Year End Mix. 2011's "Finest hour", according to the owls of Village Beat. You've heard most of these gems, but if you haven't, put the Tupac back in the visor CD wallet and open your ears to exactly 60 minutes of one of the finest years in music history. Happy New Year from Village Beat. We love you.

TRACKLIST: artist/track/album
00:05-4:12 Tyler the Creator/ Yonkers/ Goblin
4:23-11:09 The Weeknd/ House of Balloons-Glass Table Girls/ House of Balloons
11:17-14:42 SBTRKT/ Hold On/SBTRKT
15:03-18:16 WU LYF/ Dirt/ Go Tell Fire to the Mountain
18:17-22:48 PlanningtoRock/ The Breaks/ W
22:49- 26:54 John Maus/ Believer/ We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
26:55-30:33 PJ Harvey/ Words That Maketh Murder/ Let England Shake
30:34-35:06 Panda Bear/ Last Night at the Jetty/ Tomboy
35:19-38:34 Shabazz Palaces/ An Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum/ Black Up
38:35- 42:16 AWOLNATION/ Sail/ Megalithic Symphony
42:17- 45:12 Atlas Sound/ The Shakes/ Parallax
45:13-50:51 The Antlers/ Putting the Dog to SLeep/ Burst Apart
50:52- 55:26 James Blake/ The Wilhelm Scream/ James Blake
55:27-58:57 Thundercat/ For Love I Come/ The Golden Age of Apocalypse
58:57-59:10 Boards of Canada/ One Very Importnat Thought/ Music Has the Right to Children
End: Village Beat and the Turkeys