Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Thanks to our gracious friends and family, our benefit at ROY was a heart warming collaboration of big hugs, positive intentions and conversation, open-hearted giving, and foot stomping groovy tunes that prepared us in heart and mind for our trip to come in two weeks. We raised enough funds to ensure the orphanage will have an incredibly motivated and determined teacher that will provide the children with an intelligent education for a minimum of two months-- and the community will have a genius mind to help in the clinic and educate the community on AIDS prevention and how to cope.
Yellow fever immunizations shook hands with our blood the day of the benefit and seem to be having a difficult time adapting to our healthy bodies.
I've come down with a week- and-counting flu that has kept me down this holiday, but has elevated my motivation and excitement to finally depart for the motherland.
If anyone is interested in Western medicine and Western culture's determination to provoke fear and denounce any non-U.S. based healthcare sure to check out a travel immunization clinic. They're convinced its necessary to take preparatory high altitude meds, car sickness, and jet lag pills, in addition to the ten recommended disease immunizations. And make sure not to ever step foot in a foreign hospital. You may catch koodies.
We're off in two weeks. Keep checking in. Dance-off on an empty- condo's wood floor next week. Shine your shoes. Be sure to practice. xo

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