Thursday, March 11, 2010


Village Beat is back on their feet, tearing around the East African nation of Kenya, dust cleared from our eyes, hearts wide-open, and excitement pumping through every vein and cell as we dive back into the communities where we've discovered beloved friends and new family. We'll be updating The Indestructible Beat blog of our adventures for the next few months, so stay tuned and please don't hesitate to join in to the beat with your stories and ideas! It takes community to be immune to the system!
We've also got our website up and rolling, so to find out more about Village Beat and our documentary film, Tough Bond (working title) go to!
love love love love and asante


Marrisa said...

Hello, Anneliese!

Your uncle was my Sociology professor last semester at Rock Valley College and, while speaking to him about doing an independent study in the Fall, he referred me to your site. He wanted me to let you know I'd be following your blog in the future.

So far I haven't had a chance to read many of your posts, but the ones I have read have left me very intrigued! It'd be great to hear more about everything you're doing!

jen said...

i love you both! can't wait to hear about the adventures!

cathy said...

lots of love hugs and kisses.....waiting for your next post mom

Alyson said...

Thinking about you all..A lot!!!
lots of love

Kelsie said...

crazyyness! Love you lots and anxious to hear more! :)