Sunday, May 10, 2009


To illustrate the transition in our Kenyan experience that took place over the past month, we start with this moment- 7am in the village of Attir, machete in hand, soaked to the bone after a night of howling wind, rain, thunder'n'laaghtnin', a collapsed tent and a 5-way spooning session (for warmth) inside a manyata, that included the two of us, one large Turkana named Julius, a friend and evangelical pastor, Gregory, and a baby goat. Days later, we left for Nairobi.


Julius said...

hee Austine you made me remember this say hi to annaliese we miss you brother!

A+ said...

Julius! How are you! We are coming back to Kenya and really want to get in touch with you! What is your email address and phone number!!! much love-- Anneliese na Austin

Julius said...

Hello My Good Friends,

You are much wellcomed it is a country I like in the world am proud being a Kenyan. Kindly this is what have been missing at least jambo am happy and all are happy to hear you are some where in this world and you are coming this time there is no rain it will be enjoyable than never. My email adress is
We love you all please when are you coming back again?