Monday, February 2, 2009

Chaos and The Shining

To make our commute to the hospital more leisurely, we purchased an excessively heavy bike, furnished with a princess cushion above the rear tire to carry lovely passengers...or to dangerously fit two people on one bike. This specific construction (or taxi) is better known here in Thika as a "Boda-Boda".
The transaction drew crowds and culminated in a quadruple receipt-signing ritual by Julius Chaos (the seller), myself, Anneliese, and a guarantor who emerged from the crowd to make it official. So with a handshake, some awful Swahili on our part, a bit of posturing in negotiation, and ~$40, we got a bicycle and this photo with the Athena Boda crew. It's nice to have pals waving at us as we cruise by. Everyone says to us, "Hey JOHNNY!!" In turn, Anneliese howls "Here comes Johnny!!" as we sail around corners, 51% in control. Everyone names their Boda bikes here. Ours was "Big Timer" under the previous ownership.
It's now called "The Shining".


HV111 said...

Hey Guys - Great posts. Love seeing the photos of you guys. Please put up more photos with you in them. I miss you Anni - hope all is well. Look forward to seeing you both soon(?). Great write-ups....keep 'em coming when you can. Much Love from your Dad.

chanti said...

I have a huge smile on my face... An unexpected LOL emerged from my belly when picturing the two of you riding down the streets of Kenya on a 'bicycle built for two'. Love it. Anni- cant help reminiscing about the difficulty of maneuvering the hot-pink tandem through he streets of Santa Barbara - and so, I can only imagine what obstacles you endure on your daily commute!.... Hence, the chuckle. Somehow, I know you are both handling it with ingenuity and some grace ;) Love you two.